BIM FOR PROJECT MANAGERS: Digital Construction Management

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Referencia: Código 8975


Diciembre de 2020  -  Peter Barnes  -  Refª 8975


Peter Barnes

Diciembre de 2020       Páginas: 192

Código 8975       ISBN/EAN: 9780727765291

Table Of Contents:

BIM for Project Managers is a concise practical guide which shows how cutting-edge BIM related technologies can facilitate the successful management of construction and infrastructure projects. Focused specifically on core project management topic areas, the book shows how BIM can act as a catalyst for key project management functions in construction and lead to improved collaboration, communication and co-ordination. It also describes new skills and competencies which project managers need to acquire to work effectively on BIM projects, and important legal and contractual issues including dispute avoidance, copyright, liability and insurance. Covering the full project lifecycle from briefing, inception and pre-construction through to project closure or disposal, the book enables project managers to facilitate the use of BIM across the entire lifecycle.

BIM for Project Managers is a core reference that empowers project managers to play a more proactive role in BIM implementation at both project and organisational levels. Students seeking to understand how to integrate the new technology and methodologies of BIM with established principles of planning and project management also find this an indispensable reference.

1. Introduction
2. An overview of BIM
3. An overview of Project Management and the Project Manager’s roles in respect of BIM
4. The BIM Strategy and Brief
5. BIM Management Roles
6. The BIM Tender Stage
7. The Design Stage of BIM
8. The Pre-Construction phase of BIM
9. BIM Collaboration
10. BIM Uses, Model Types and Management
11. The Project Information Model and BIM Models up to Handover
12. BIM Monitoring and Controlling
13. Handover, Closure and Operation Phases
14. Contracts and Dispute Avoidance
15. Copyright, Intellectual Property and Insurance
16. Emerging Technologies
17. Conclusion
Appendix: A Glossary of Terms

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