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Noviembre de 2019  - Jonathan Knappett, R.F. Craig  -  Refª 8331


Jonathan Knappett, R.F. Craig

Noviembre de 2019      Páginas: 640

Código 8331       ISBN/EAN:9781138070066


Craig’s Soil Mechanics continues to evolve and remain the definitive text for civil engineering students worldwide. It covers fundamental soil mechanics and its application in applied geotechnical engineering from A to Z and at the right depth for an undergraduate civil engineer, with sufficient extension material for supporting MSc level courses, and with practical examples and digital tools to make it a useful reference work for practising engineers.

This new edition now includes:

    • Restructured chapters on foundations and earthworks, the latter including new material on working platforms and collapse of underground cavities (sinkhole formation).
    • New mobilised-stress-based deformation methods that can straightforwardly be used with both linear and non-linear soil stiffness models and field measurements of shear wave velocity, for serviceability limit state design.
    • Extended sets of correlations for making sensible first estimates of soil parameters, adding deformation-based parameters for broader coverage than the Eighth Edition.
    • Extended section on robust statistical selection of characteristic soil parameters.
    • Greater use of consolidation theory throughout in determining whether actions, processes and laboratory/in-situ tests are drained or undrained.
    • Extended chapter on in-situ testing, adding the Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT), and interpretation of consolidation parameters from CPTU and DMT testing.
    • An updated section on pile load testing.
    • Additional worked examples and end-of-chapter problems covering new material, with fully worked solutions for lecturers.

The electronic resources on the book’s companion website are developed further, with the addition of two new spreadsheet numerical analysis tools and improvement of existing tools from the Eighth Edition. Using these, readers can take real soil test data, interpret its mechanical properties and apply these to a range of common geotechnical design problems at ultimate and serviceability limiting states.

Table of Contents

Part I Development of a mechanical model for soil

1 Basic characteristics of soils

2 Seepage

3 Effective stress

4 Consolidation

5 Soil behaviour in shear

6 Ground investigation

7 In-situ testing

Part II Applications in geotechnical engineering

8 Shallow foundations: capacity

9 Shallow foundations: serviceability

10 Deep foundations

11 Retaining structures

12 Earthworks

13 Evaluating geotechnical performance

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