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Febrero de 2017  -  Abi Aghayere... - Refª 7163


Abi Aghayere, Jason Vigil

Febrero de 2017       Páginas: 598      

Código 7163         ISBN/EAN: 9781498749855


  • A learner-centered textbook, easy-to-understand, bridging the gap between theory and structural engineering practice
  • Rich in examples to the ASD and LRFD methods
  • A careful selection of topics, including some easily overlooked such as framing systems
  • Includes standard load tables for the selection of pre-engineered lumber and connectors
  • With sample drawings, drawing notes, and specifications, to suit practice as well as learning


This text provides a concise and practical guide to timber design, using both the Allowable Stress Design and the Load and Resistance Factor Design methods. It suits students in civil, structural, and construction engineering programs as well as engineering technology and architecture programs, and also serves as a valuable resource for the practicing engineer. The examples based on real-world design problems reflect a holistic view of the design process that better equip the reader for timber design in practice.

This new edition

  • now includes the LRFD method with some design examples using LRFD for joists, girders and axially load members.
  • is based on the 2015 NDS and 2015 IBC model code.
  • includes a more in-depth discussion of framing and framing systems commonly used in practice, such as, metal plate connected trusses, rafter and collar tie framing, and pre-engineered framing.
  • includes sample drawings, drawing notes and specifications that might typically be used in practice.
  • includes updated floor joist span charts that are more practical and are easy to use.
  • includes a chapter on practical considerations covering topics like flitch beams, wood poles used for footings, reinforcement of existing structures, and historical data on wood properties.
  • includes a section on long span and high rise wood structures
  • includes an enhanced student design project

Table of Contents

Introduction, Wood Properties, Species and Grades. Introduction to Structural Design and Loads. Design of Sawn Lumber and Glued Laminated Timber (GLULAM). Design and Analysis of Beams and Girders. Wood Members under Axial and Bending Loads. Roof and Floor Sheathing under Vertical Loads and Lateral Loads (Horizontal Diaphragms). Vertical Diaphragms under Lateral Loads (Shear Walls). Connections. Design of Wood Members in Long Span and High Rise Wood Buildings. Practical Considerations in the Design of Wood Structures. Building Design Case Studies. Appendices: Weights of Building Materials; and Allowable Uniform Loads on Floor Joists


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