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Enero de 20021  -  Kelvin Hughes  -  Refª 9023

Los contratos de la FIDIC se utilizan ampliamente en lugares tan lejanos como Europa, Oriente Medio, Asia y Australia, y este libro proporciona una guía práctica pero completa de los elementos clave que los profesionales que preparan y administran estos contratos deberían conocer.


Kelvin Hughes

Enero de 2021        Páginas: 328

Código 9023        ISBN/EAN: 9780367427924

Book Description

Understanding FIDIC explains in simple and practical terms what is often seen as a very complex range of international engineering and construction contracts.

Covering the FIDIC 2017 Red, Yellow and Silver Books (referred to as "The Rainbow Suite"), the book gives an overview of all three contracts, including coverage of changes between the 1999 contracts and the present 2017 suite. FIDIC contracts are widely used as far afield as Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, and this book provides a practical yet thorough guide to the key elements that practitioners preparing and administering these contracts would need to be aware of.

In his approachable and readable style, Kelvin Hughes covers:

  • The obligations and responsibilities of the Employer, the Employer’s Representative, the Engineer and the Contractor
  • Quality and Defects Liability
  • Design Responsibility and Liability
  • Variations, Measurement and Payment Procedures
  • Progress, Delays, Extensions of Time and Completion
  • Suspension and Termination
  • Insurances
  • Employer’s and Contractor’s Claims
  • The Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Board and the Resolution of Disputes
  • Tendering

Anyone working with FIDIC contracts whether as the Employer, Employer’s Representative, Engineer or Contractor will benefit greatly from this easy-to-read guide to the Rainbow Suite. Students on professional courses or researching the contracts for project work will also find this book extremely useful.

Table of Contents

1. Overview of FIDIC and its Contracts  2. The 'Old and the New' - FIDIC 1999 Becomes FIDIC 2017  3. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Employer, The Employer's Representative, The Engineer and the Contractor  4. Quality and Defects Liability  5. Design Responsibility and Liability  6. Variations, Measurement and Payment Procedures  7. Progress, Delays, Extensions of Time and Completion  8. Suspension and Termination  9. Care of the Works and Indemnities, Exceptional Events, Insurance  10. Employer's and Contractor's Claims  11. The Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Board and the Resolution of Disputes  12. Tendering Using the FIDIC 2017 Contracts



Kelvin Hughes is a leading authority on construction contracts and has had substantial theoretical and practical experience of all contracts, including FIDIC, over a 46-year working life, including 4 years as a full-time consultant to a major project management company drafting a suite of contracts for use on public projects in Qatar, and was also head of contracts/claims for another major project management company in Qatar. He has written eight previous practical books on construction contracts.

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