STEEL-REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES. Assessment and Repair of Corrosion, Third Edition

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Septiembre de 2023  - Mohamed Abdallah El-Reedy  -  Refª 10718


Mohamed Abdallah El-Reedy

Septiembre de 2023       Páginas: 230

Código 10718       ISBN/EAN: 9781032525310


Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures: Assessment and Repair of Corrosion, Third Edition examines the corrosion of reinforced concrete from a practical point of view, highlights protective design and repair procedures, and presents ongoing maintenance protocols. Updated throughout, this new edition adds additional information on concrete repair and reviews new examples of the effects of corrosion on both prestressed and reinforced concrete structures. It also examines economic analysis procedures and the probability of structural failures to define structural risk assessment and covers precautions and recommendations for protecting reinforced concrete structures from corrosion based on the latest codes and specifications.


  • Updated throughout and adds all new information on advanced testing and repair techniques
  • Discusses the theoretical and practical methods of performing structural assessments
  • Explains precautions for design and construction that reduce the risk of structural corrosion
  • Covers traditional and advanced techniques for repair and how to choose the best methods
  • Utilizes the newest building codes, specifications, and standards regarding construction and corrosion


1. Introduction. 2. Corrosion of Steel in Concrete. 3. Causes of Corrosion and Concrete Deterioration. 4. Assessment Methods for Reinforced Concrete Structures. 5. Codes and Specification Guides. 6. Controlling Corrosion in Steel Bars. 7. Methods for Protecting Steel Reinforcements. 8. Repair of Reinforced Concrete Structures. 9. Concrete Structure Integrity Management.


Dr. Mohamed Abdallah El-Reedy’s background is in structural engineering. His main area of research is the reliability of concrete and steel structures. He has provided consultation for different oil and gas industries in Egypt and to international companies, such as the International Egyptian Oil Company (IEOC) and British Petroleum (BP). Moreover, he provides different concrete and steel structure design packages for residential buildings, warehouses, and telecommunication towers. He has participated in liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas liquid (NGL) projects with international engineering firms. Currently, he is responsible for reliability, inspection, and maintenance strategies for onshore concrete structures and offshore steel structure platforms. He has performed these tasks for hundreds of structures in the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea. He has consulted with and trained executives at many organizations, including the Arabian American Oil Company, BP, Apache, shell, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA), the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, King Saudi’s Interior Ministry, Qatar Telecom, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), and PETRONAS Malaysian oil company. He has taught technical courses on repair and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures and steel structures worldwide, especially in the Middle and Far East. Dr. El-Reedy has written numerous publications and presented many papers at local and international conferences sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Concrete Institute, the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the American Petroleum Institute. He has published many research papers in international technical journals and has authored ten books on total quality management, quality control and quality assurance, economic management for engineering projects, and repair and protection of reinforced concrete structures, advanced concrete materials, onshore structure design in petroleum facilities, and concrete structure reliability. He received his bachelor’s degree from Cairo University in 1990, his master’s degree in 1995, and his PhD from Cairo University in 2000.


Estructuras de hormigón armado con acero: evaluación y reparación de la corrosión, tercera edición examina la corrosión del hormigón armado desde un punto de vista práctico, destaca el diseño de protección y los procedimientos de reparación, y presenta protocolos de mantenimiento continuo. Actualizada en su totalidad, esta nueva edición agrega información adicional sobre la reparación de concreto y revisa nuevos ejemplos de los efectos de la corrosión en estructuras de concreto pretensado y reforzado. También examina los procedimientos de análisis económico y la probabilidad de fallas estructurales para definir la evaluación de riesgos estructurales y cubre precauciones y recomendaciones para proteger las estructuras de concreto reforzado de la corrosión según los códigos y especificaciones más recientes.


  • Actualizado en su totalidad y agrega toda la información nueva sobre técnicas avanzadas de prueba y reparación.
  • Analiza los métodos teóricos y prácticos para realizar evaluaciones estructurales.
  • Explica las precauciones de diseño y construcción que reducen el riesgo de corrosión estructural.
  • Cubre técnicas tradicionales y avanzadas de reparación y cómo elegir los mejores métodos.
  • Utiliza los códigos, especificaciones y estándares de construcción más recientes en materia de construcción y corrosión.

Tabla de contenido

1. Introducción. 2.  Corrosión del Acero en el Concreto. 3.  Causas de Corrosión y Deterioro del Concreto. 4. Métodos de Evaluación de Estructuras de Hormigón Armado. 5. Códigos y Guías de Especificaciones. 6. Control de la corrosión en barras de acero. 7.  Métodos de Protección de las Armaduras de Acero. 8. Reparación de Estructuras de Hormigón Armado. 9. Gestión de la Integridad de la Estructura de Concreto.

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